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Earthbanc – the green digital banking and investment platform

Make your bank a force for change. Align wealth and planetary
health with Earthbanc™

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Earthbanc ReFi Carbon Investment App
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Track and offset customers' carbon footprint

Plus is a world first global carbon-offsetting account. Every month customers can protect and plant trees - helping to reverse their carbon footprint and become climate positive. 

Satellite audited carbon offsets

World's first continuously audited offsets

Once your customers see their carbon report they want to take climate action immediately. Help your customers become climate champions. Earthbanc's patent-pending AI remote sensing carbon measurement technology validates the carbon being claimed in an offset is credible and fully up to date with our unique continuous audits. Earthbanc is venture backed by the European Space Agency to deliver transparent reporting solutions for carbon markets.

Manage money effortlessly

No more logging into many different accounts. We link account to all existing bank accounts and cards to their personalised secure app.

You help customers take control of their finances, spend smart and make data-driven decisions about their money.

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Create an earth-positive investment portfolio

We are experts with deep experience in green solutions that go beyond ‘carbon-neutral’.

Select from well researched green stocks, bonds, funds, real estate and unique investments that represent a new wave of systemic earth-positive solutions. Choose where your money goes. Choose your impact.

Grow your portfolio

Create portfolios of green and impact-driven ETFs, stocks, funds, bonds and green real estate from 100+ different markets across the world. Manage money and portfolio all in one place, where your customers can align their personal or business wealth with planetary health. 

A portfolio that has superior ESG reporting and metrics, whilst supporting tree planting, and providing support to critical ecosystems. 

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"I am delighted to add my support to Earthbanc in their quest to restore mangroves and cloud forests, conserve wildlife, develop regenerative agriculture and bring green investment to nurture these activities."

Jane Goodall

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