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Make your store Carbon Neutral. Allow your customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their purchase for every dollar spent.

Support climate projects and make the world a better place – with just a simple install.

Connect with the millions of people around the world waking up to the impact of climate change.

Power up your brand with sustainability, increase customer engagement and lifetime value. Get 10% back as Climate Friendly Rewards.

Earth Cart for Shopify

Some Of Our Climate Champions


"I am delighted to add my support to Earthbanc in their quest to restore mangroves and cloud forests, conserve wildlife, develop regenerative agriculture and bring green investment to nurture these activities."


Key Features

Earth Cart

Instant climate action at checkout

With the click of a button at the checkout, customers can support tree planting and clean energy projects with clear and transparent information on their impact.

Start climate friendly shopping

Come on a climate friendly journey with us! We’ll help you with actionable advice on how to make your store carbon neutral and supply you with materials on how to support your customers too.


Drive meaningful impact, at home and around the world

All contributions fund a mix of Gold Standard certified projects that fight climate change. If you’re in the US, Australia or New Zealand, most of them are local projects.

Easy set up on your store

Self-onboard with step by step guide and video. If you're stuck, our tech team will do it for you in an instant, for free.


Key Features

Earth Cart is free. Forever. We spend revenue on planting more trees!

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Any troubles or questions? We’d love to hear from you.

Access our in-house e-commerce and sustainability experts to guide your journey into climate action and beyond.

Get 10% of offsets back to fund tree planting, internal sustainability initiatives or offsetting business emissions.

Adjust the widget and checkout banner to appear or not appear. Stay in control of your store. 

We often feature top & new merchants in our social channels – promoting sustainability champions. Get featured after 3 offsets customers in your store.

Introducing Climate Friendly Rewards

For every $1 contribution your customer makes, we plant a tree. But we do not stop there. Most reforestation projects are restricted to large land areas owned and managed by corporations who are not incentivized to protect the trees that are planted. This is why we work with local farmers in regions where communities are at the highest risk of becoming climate refugees.

Using our proprietary Earthbanc Carbon Verification protocol, developed with the European Space Agency incubator, we disrupt the unit economics of making Carbon Revenues. This innovation allows us to give back 10% as a Reward to You, while also sharing over 50% of future Carbon Revenues with our farmers who will plant and protect the trees. The Earthbanc revolution means that for every $1 contributed by you, over the next 20 years that will turn into $5 for the farmer or community member who plants and protects the trees. This is turning all other carbon offset models on it's head - a real breakthrough that changes everything.

Choose how you use these Rewards to grow your business or fund more initiatives within your organization.

Help save our planet.
Be part of the movement.
Start making a difference today.

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