Why us?

Our pioneering technology and holistic approach is accelerating the financing of critical ecosystem restoration.

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Committed to scaling investment in nature.

Earthbanc is on a mission to restore 2.5B hectares of land by 2030, in partnership with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). Together with our network of 100+ NGOs, we will improve the lives of millions of people and sequester 20 gigatonnes of CO₂e.

Our unique combination of pioneering technology, practical land restoration, and extensive FinTech experience, has proven invaluable to successfully scale profitable climate action.

Holistic Approach

Earthbanc develops and manages ecosystem restoration projects to ensure impactful climate action. Due to our full-service approach to carbon projects, we have the world’s first partnership with the UNCCD, we follow their principles to ensure Land Degradation Neutrality.

We work closely with the local community, NGOs, and government bodies to plan and implement beneficial projects. Our experienced experts select regions and tree species to maximise project impact, including providing valuable habitat, increasing biodiversity, providing income for the local community, and removing atmospheric carbon.

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Our Process

Our projects'process

Pioneering technology

Earthbanc is the world's first Climate Fintech to leverage AI machine learning and remote sensing, to continuously audit and report landscape carbon removal, to de-risk carbon forward contracts for net zero corporations and asset managers.

Our patented approach combines satellite imagery and AI, which significantly improves efficiency and accuracy. It is venture backed by, and licensed to, the European Space Agency business incubator.

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Positive Social Impact

Traditional tree-planting projects have been unable to provide financial support to the local community, due to a lack of funding. Too often, this has resulted in the community being forced to cut down donated trees.

We design our projects to ensure a positive impact on the local community, considering factors such as income generation, agroforestry, climate adaptation, and defense against natural disasters.


Practical Experience

Earthbanc has a strong foundation in practical land restoration. Collectively, the Management Team has over 15 years of experience in developing successful carbon projects.

Our practical experience and extensive network of land restoration experts are invaluable in successfully scaling impactful projects.

Practical Experience

Each project is designed to optimise the impact for people and the planet, whilst ensuring shared profitability.

Climate impact

Climate Impact

Drawdown of carbon dioxide into trees, vegetation, soil, and blue carbon.

Storage of carbon for the lifetime of the tree.

Earthbanc funds the protection of trees to help ensure survival.


Environmental impact

Environmental impact

Increase biodiversity, providing additional habitat for wildlife.

Planetary and local cooling, providing shade to help manage surface and air temperatures.

Supporting a healthy water cycle, increasing water flow in the dry season, and reducing flooding during heavy rainfall.

Social Impact

Social Impact

A fair wage for planting and protecting trees and improved water and air quality.

Additional income from agroforestry and non-wood forest products.

Support to sell agri-commodities.

Climate adaptation and reducing the risk and the impact of floods and storms

Our Impact

We are successfully implementing impactful projects around the world. We have a strong pipeline with many more projects in development.

Join us and support farmers and communities to protect and plant trees!


16M tCO₂e

Carbon to be sequestered



Wildlife species provided habitat

Jobs created


Jobs created

People benefited


People benefited

Closing the finance gap

Earthbanc has a world's first partnership with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) to enable the restoration of 2.5 billion hectares of land and achieve the carbon reduction targets outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Together, we are working with an ecosystem that will restore 156 million hectares of land across the Sahel and Great Green Wall, which has commitments of $16 billion. This is the world's single largest land restoration and carbon removal project, that is a must for corporations and asset managers seeking high impact carbon credits to meet their net zero goals.


Sustainable Development Goals

Our projects are planned and implemented in close collaboration with the local community, NGOs, and government bodies. Together we select the optimum location, approach, and tree species to ensure valuable long-term impact on the climate, the environment, and the community.


Jane Goodall, OBE

"I am delighted to add my support to Earthbanc in their quest to restore mangroves and cloud forests, conserve wildlife, develop regenerative agriculture and bring green investment to nurture these activities."


Ready to take climate action?

We'd love to discuss how we can work together to meet your goals and finance critical ecosystem restoration.


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Earthbanc wins Uplink 2022 Trillion Trees challenge.

Our unique financial and forward contract products will support land restoration across the Sahel and the Great Green Wall.



TIME discuss the carbon market with Earthbanc

The interview explores the challenges and opportunities with regard to the accuracy of claims in carbon markets, and addresses the key issue of climate justice.


Earthbanc partners with UNCCD

Together we are developing Sustainable Land Bonds, which offer a cost-effective method for financing land restoration and carbon removal at scale.


Earthbanc Is Paving The Way For Mass Market Adoption Of Land Regeneration

“With corporations being pushed to adjust in line with net-zero targets, demand for carbon credits has risen dramatically...”

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Winner of Martercard's Lighthouse FINIV program

Earthbanc was selected for its clear communication, strong value proposition, and potential to help organisations.


Blended Finance Taskforce's Earthbanc case study

"Using satellite technology and machine learning, Earthbanc is increasing the efficiency of carbon verification in both trees and soil"


Is Blue Carbon The Climate Solution We've Been Looking For All Along?

"Earthbanc has built a green investment and digital venture-backed banking platform that recently onboarded over 23,000 daily savers and borrowers in India to kick-off their Mangrove Moonshot"


Earthbanc and Swedbank bid to uncover sustainable lending opportunities

Earthbanc has partnered with Swedbank Lithuania to pilot the delivery of carbon and climate reporting for corporate and SME banking customers, which can open the door to sustainable finance opportunities.

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