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Turn climate risk into an asset.

De-risk your loan books and get ahead of the net zero curve. 

Introducing enterprise-ready carbon banking.

Carbon Footprint Analysis

Precisely track business carbon emissions across a broad range of sectors. Receive carbon reporting and actionable insights to support the transition to sustainable business activities.

De-risk Loan Books with Green AI

AI driven decision metrics reporting tools support new reporting needs, de-risk loan and investment portfolios, and generate sustainability linked loans suggestions to decarbonise business operations and portfolios.

Access Superior Carbon Offsets

Offset unavoidable emissions with the highest impact satellite verified carbon offsets available, including local forests and renewable energy projects. Confidently communicate your impact to customers and stakeholders.

Carbon banking will lead the way to net zero.

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    Mandatory reporting

    New laws are ushering in an era of climate risk disclosure and reporting requirements. Banks need to develop and deliver their climate risk disclosure solutions (TCFD & TNFD). Carbon banking means you're already tracking those risks, so you can turn them into opportunities.

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    $23T opportunity

    Meeting the Paris Agreement will require an explosion in sustainable finance to the tune of $23T. Carbon banking will lead the way, ushering in the many opportunities to turn carbon into an asset for people and planet.

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    AI-driven solutions

    Using our Green AI, banks can offer a whole new range of sustainable finance products to their customers to help reduce their carbon footprint, flag credit risk associated with climate, and generate revenue from sustainable business activities.


How carbon banking works


Instal Your Carbon Calculator

Use our white-labelled carbon calculator to help your business customers accurately calculate their CO2 footprint.


Get Custom CO2 Risk Analysis

We analyse the data supplied by your customers and provide you with actionable insights on how to manage your exposure.


De-risk your portfolio

With our AI driven decision metrics we help you create new products and offers for your customers to decarbonise their operations.


Offset Carbon

Offer enterprise-grade carbon offsetting at scale to your customers via the Earthbanc Ecosystem to offset unavoidable emissions.

The future of banking is green. Get started with us today.

Our Green AI disrupts the entire carbon ecosystem.

The race to net zero emissions means carbon credits need to exponentially improve.

Revolutionising Carbon Verification

Today's carbon credits... Unreliable, expensive, manual, exclusionary. Our technology changes that. We are the first climate fintech company to partner with the European Space Agency to drive carbon drawdown. Satellites pass over the forests every five days, delivering proof of impact, and eliminating slow and expensive ground truthing.

Our digital payment rails deliver automated carbon micro-payments directly to people planting and protecting forests, incentivising scalable and fair access to carbon markets.

Earthbanc Features

For Financial Instutitions

Offset unavoidable emissions. Earthbanc offset projects are guaranteed, traceable to the source.

For Your Business Customers

Media & Events

Grit Daily

“With Earthbanc, the community can monetize carbon payments through maintaining the forests which also provide habitat.”

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Copenhagen Fintech

“Global Impact Partnership Program - is scaling opportunities from the global partners – Citi and DBS Bank”

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Business Insights

“We are excited to see that the Nordic FinTech startups selected for the program hold solutions to global challenges.”

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"Earthbanc is a climate fintech & space-tech firm that enables individuals and organizations to offset their carbon footprint, with AI-driven satellite metrics."

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Some Of Our Climate Champions

Take action now with the world’s easiest carbon footprint measurement and offsetting tools.

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