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Impact Screening Process

Sustainability Impact Screening Principles

We screen all projects, clients & assets to ensure finance and impact is aligned with sustainability and responsibility principles. 


Our positive screening process actively seeks out projects and ventures involved in the following activities:

  • 58b4036d621c33ad3141a314_FS_Renewables

    Renewable energy

    Renewable and efficient energy

  • 58b4036f377097ce22479b2f_FS_Recycling


    Recycling and reuse of waste

  • 58b40377621c33ad3141a315_FS_Resources

    Resource conservation

    Water and resource conservation, and protection of natural environments

  • 58b4037fb2d386f0312d55be_FS_Social Infrastructure

    Social infrastructure

    Green buildings, social infrastructure

  • 58b40386377097ce22479b34_FS_Sustainable Timber

    Sustainable timber production

  • 58b4038db2d386f0312d55c0_FS_Healthcare

    Healthcare & wellbeing

  • 58b43682bfbe9d2702290736_FS_Social Wellbeing - Dark

    Social wellbeing

    Activities that promote dignity and wellbeing, and alleviate poverty

  • 58b4039cb2d386f0312d55c3_FS_Efficient Transport

    Efficient transport

  • Green IT

  • 58b403a7377097ce22479b37_FS_Sustainable Products

    Sustainable products

    Sustainable products, ethical procurement and fair trade

  • 58b403ad377097ce22479b39_FS_Good Governance

    Labour standards & corporate governance

    Strong labour standards and corporate governance

  • 58b403b4377097ce22479b3a_FS_Flexible Work

    Flexible workplaces

    Flexibility in work and lifestyle

  • 58b43672bfbe9d2702290734_FS_Community Finance - Dark

    Community finance

    Community finance, local enterprise or social enterprise

  • 58b437fe0f8183947eade3ce_FS_Ethical Treatment - Dark

    Ethical treatment of people and animals

    Ethical treatment of people and animals

  • 58b403c9377097ce22479b3e_FS_Healthy Foods

    Production of healthy foods

    Production of healthy foods and support for healthy lifestyles

  • 58b40393b2d386f0312d55c1_FS_Education



Our negative screening process excludes projects & ventures engaged in the following activities:

  • Fossil fuels

    Fossil Fuels

    Fossil fuel mining and power sector that cause air and water pollution, in addition to being global warming and climate change accelerants 

  • 58b40230621c33ad3141a303_FS_Tobacco


  • 58b40228621c33ad3141a301_FS_Gambling


  • 58b4364df6d3ee66023eb395_FS_Armaments - Dark

    Armaments & Militarism

    Armaments and militarism, support for regressive regimes or operations in countries of concern

  • 58b40240377097ce22479b22_FS_Nuclear


    Nuclear and uranium

  • 58b40250377097ce22479b25_FS_Animal Exports

    Live animal export

  • 58b4024ab2d386f0312d55ba_FS_Logging

    Old growth logging

    Old growth forest logging
  • 58b4363ed56f799730f96b7c_FS_Animal Cruelty - Dark

    Animal Cruelty

    Unnecessarily cruel treatment of animals
  • 58b43a26df89aa302569bf88_FS_Slave Labour - Dark

    Slave labour

    Slave labour, poor labour standards or working conditions

  • 58b40271377097ce22479b28_FS_Destruction

    Environmental destruction

    Destroying or wasting resources, or destruction of valuable environments
  • 58b439f022d984ef24bdec8b_FS_Agriculture - Dark

    Intensive agriculture

  • 58b40261621c33ad3141a306_FS_Corruption


    Corruption or bribery
  • 58b40276377097ce22479b29_FS_Pollution


    Polluting and intensive activities that harm the environment

  • 58b4365bbfbe9d2702290732_FS_Social Harm - Dark

    Social harm

    Activities that cause social harm, such as detention centres
  • 58b40285621c33ad3141a30d_FS_Harmful Finance

    Harmful financing

    Financing or support of activities which cause environmental or social harm
  • 58b40393b2d386f0312d55c1_FS_Education

    Poor corporate governance

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