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Earthbanc's Total Impact Metrics

Land Protected

102,671 ha

Carbon Sequestered

251M tonnes

Trees Protected & Planted


What is an Earth Positive Organisation and Team?

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1. Employee carbon offset

Your staff members will become earth and climate positive. You'll be offsetting your staff's entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their food, personal travel, home, hobbies, holidays, and much more.

2. Business travel offset

Business trips are unavoidable and that's why our plans include a standard amount of business travel offsets. We base each employee's allowance is on averages, so that you don't have to calculate or track their emissions.

3. Plant and protect trees

Funding the best and most impactful climate solutions in the world is our job. Every month we protect and plant trees in your company forests, as well as financing breakthrough carbon removal projects globally.

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1. Employee carbon offset

Every one of your staff members will become climate positive. This means you'll be offsetting their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more.

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2. Business travel offset

Some business trips are unavoidable. Thats why all of our plans include business travel offsets as standard. Each employee's allowance is based on averages, so you don't have to track or calculate anything.

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3. Plant and protect trees

You'll be funding the worlds best climate crisis solutions. Every month you'll be planting groves of trees in your company forest, and financing carbon reduction projects from around the world.

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"Global Impact Partnership Program - is scaling opportunities from the global partners - Citi and DBS Bank"

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"We are excited to see that the Nordic FinTech startups selected for the program hold solutions to global challenges."

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Features of your Earth Plus for Business plan

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A staff perk

Sustainability is among the most important attributes for employees in 2021. Retain your hires and attract the best talent with this incredible staff benefit.

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Offset all business travel

Our plans include an allowance for employee business and personal travel. Because we use averages theres no complex calculations or tracking needed.

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Your company forest

Cultivate a new kind of company legacy. Your forest will grow every month and be visible for your employees and customers to see on your public sustainability profile.

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Public sustainability impact for you

Share your climate impact with an Earth Plus Certified badge on your site showing monthly trees planted.

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Trees on sales or customer transaction

Show your commitment to sustainability by planting trees for every sale or new client.

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Achieve net-zero just got easier

Make strides to meeting your companies sustainability goals with our effortless onboarding.

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Track your impact via our platform

Get insights and data about your impact with our platform and share your affiliate link.

Share your impact earth positive badges

Show the world your earth positive workforce and celebrate your sustainability leadership as a business. One badge signifies that we track the forest with our European Space Agency partnership to ensure the carbon offset is legitimate. The other badge provides a nice clean and simple message. Also available in monochrome versions.

Some Of Our Climate Champions

Working with the best in climate action

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VCS Carbon

Earth science: why protect and plant trees, and offset carbon

"The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation"


"Over 40 years of global carbon pollution can be drawn down from 80 existing solutions."

Our monthly projects

Support by the UN's Global Goals & Gold Standard certified

We answer your questions

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To get your Earth Positive Workforce started, we only need to know how many employees you have, and a quick summary of your annual business travel. We'll provide a carbon footprint for you and give you some options to make the transition to an Earth Positive company.

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Add your team numbers and flights

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Per employee / month

The carbon footprint of the individual is more than offset by funding climate change solutions.
Includes minor business travel:
Under 5,000 miles by car or no more than 2 short-haul return flights, annually.

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Intermittent jet setter employees


Per employee / month

The carbon footprint of the individual is more than offset by funding climate change solutions.
Includes medium business travel:
Between 5,000 and 30,000 business miles by car or no more than 10 short-haul return flights or under 3 long-haul return flights, annually.

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Frequent long-hauler employees


Per employee / month

The carbon footprint of the individual is more than offset by funding climate change solutions.
Includes major business travel:
Up to 90,000 miles by car or no more than 30 short-haul return flights or under 9 long-haul return flights, annually.

Total number of employees:


Total per month:


This charge is not VAT applicable as the service is VAT exempt.

Your business' climate positive impact!

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Trees Protected & Planted

every month



Tonnes of carbon

Removed every month

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