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Protect Ecosystems

Forest ecosystems store vast amounts of carbon. Protecting them from further deforestation and degradation is critical to addressing climate change.


Trees are the lungs of the earth, breathing in Co2 and breathing out oxygen. Planting and managing trees is an important climate change solution.


Efficient monitoring and verifying of forests through new technology provides the data we need to hit key carbon drawdown milestones.

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Choose a plan to suit the size of your household and become climate positive by offsetting greater than your carbon footprint.


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Track your impact through metrics and satellite imagery. Earthbanc can track forest growth & carbon sinks, as well as threats. 


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Why go climate positive with Earthbanc?

We harness AI technology to scale carbon removal through forests

Improving Carbon Verification

We are the first climate fintech company to partner with the European Space Agency for Satellite and Remote Sensing AI to drive carbon drawdown. Satellites pass over the forests every five days, delivering proof of impact.

We’ve developed our own carbon verification methodology using technology that makes the process efficient and affordable so more people can participate in forest protection and regeneration.

We help smallholders and large forests alike, to monetise their carbon nature-based solutions.

Did you know that carbon projects generally can’t verify or monetize carbon in trees and soil unless you have at least 1,500 - 8,000 acres to measure? Earthbanc's AI measures and verifies land areas of forest and soil carbon as small as 200 m2.

That’s up to an 80,000-fold increase in efficiency - scaling up reforestation, and delivering social impact through improved carbon market access. Our verified forests generate carbon micro-payments to local communities through our innovative digital payment technologies, rewarding people for regenerating the planet.

Image source: European Space Agency

Understand Your Impact

Protect Ecosystems

Protecting and restoring forest, mangrove and wetland ecosystems is a critical part of systemic climate action. But their carbon storing benefits are only one part of the story. 

At Earthbanc we support local communities  by helping them monetize the carbon value of their forest homelands. This strengthens their livelihoods and incentivizes their continued protection of the forests.

Your Earth Plus plan protects some of the world's most prolific ecosystems, including mangroves in the Sundarbans, rainforests in Costa Rica and cloud forests in the Himalayas. These sites are recognized biodiversity hotspots, providing critical habitat to Bengal tigers, jaguars, sloths and pumas, to name a few. Whilst the Sundarbans is the earth's largest terrestrial store of blue carbon.

Plant Trees

At Earthbanc we focus on scaling up tree planting through effective management and incentivisation. Our mangrove planting projects have a demonstrated 96% survival rate - that's over double the average rate of 40%. How do we achieve that? By sharing.

Typically, people are paid a one-time fee to plant trees and the monetary carbon value (the yield) of the trees, is kept by the project developer. In contrast, Earthbanc shares the yield 50/50 with the people who plant and manage the trees. 

This is a significant incentive for local communities, of up to three years salary for local communities. Earth Plus offers an approach to carbon offsetting that leads to systemic protection and regeneration.

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