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Earthbanc ReFi Carbon Investment App
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Invest in carbon removal and grow your portfolio

The Earthbanc platform finances carbon removal. On the platform you will be able to invest ecosystem restoration and nature based carbon removal assets. Thematics include agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, mangrove and sea grass restoration, kelp forest protection, holistic grazing and much more.

Get early access to the new wave of systemic climate solutions. Choose your impact. Choose Earthbanc.

*Not available to citizens and tax residents of USA.

Satellite audited carbon offsets

World's first continuously audited offsets

The Earthbanc marketplace enables you to invest in carbon removal projects, and also purchase the carbon offsets generated. Earthbanc's AI-powered remote sensing carbon measurement technology validates the carbon being claimed in an offset is credible and fully up to date with our unique continuous audits. Earthbanc is venture backed by the European Space Agency to deliver transparent reporting solutions for carbon markets, and is backed by the European Union to deliver 'decision metrics for climate finance'.


"I am delighted to add my support to Earthbanc in their quest to restore mangroves and cloud forests, conserve wildlife, develop regenerative agriculture and bring green investment to nurture these activities."

Jane Goodall

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*Not available to citizens and tax residents of USA.

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