You need transparency and certainty to make the best offset decisions. We make it easy.

The world's first continuously audited carbon offsets market with independent and robust data.

A carbon market with ratings and continual audits.

Carbon Market

Precisely track carbon permanence and additionality across a range of the world's best forest, agriculture & blue carbon offset. Receive reporting and insights, buying with certainty & confidence.

Sustainable Finance API

Our API & SDK deliver carbon offsets into any application, platform and end user experience. Use our data driven carbon offsets to build your next earth positive application and product.

Audited Carbon Offsets with ESA

Access high impact verified carbon offsets. We ensure your carbon offsetting is precise and accurate with active monitoring of carbon projects. Venture backed by the European Space Agency.

Our Supporters

"Earthbanc helps with ESG reporting and sustainable finance in it’s mission to draw down carbon and effectively neutralize climate change."


What Our Customers Are Saying

"Telia Company chose Earthbanc to supply carbon offsets due to their Satellite and Remote Sensing AI data driven approach to auditing carbon offset projects. They ensure the carbon being claimed is accurate and precise when reported".

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How Our Carbon Market & API Works


Install Our API & SDK

Access our carbon dashboard for your business, online platform, fintech or bank and enable your customers to carbon offset with precision.


Carbon Ratings

We audit and rate the carbon being claimed in the offsets, providing you & your customer with proof that the carbon is accurate & precise when offsetting.


De-risk offsets

As the voluntary carbon markets grow to $100B, we protect brands and ensure that low quality carbon offsets are not purchased or on-sold to end customers.


Audited Reductions

Earthbanc delivers continuous auditing and rating of carbon 3-5x more often than the industry. We report regularly, delivering trust and transparency.

The future is earth positive. Get started with us today.

Revolutionising Carbon Reporting and Offsetting

Today's carbon credits... Unreliable, expensive, manual, exclusionary. Our technology changes that. We are the first climate fintech company to partner with the European Space Agency to drive carbon drawdown. Earthbanc audits carbon credits from the VCS, Gold Standard registries and UNFCCC CDM registries, where some carbon offsets have not been audited for up to 6 or more years, in which time fire, drought, flood and deforestation may have destroyed the underlying carbon asset. We eliminate these inaccuracies ensuring buyers get access to only the best audited offsets.

Media & Events

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“Their Sustainable Finance AI uncovered about $40 billion in new green loans and $110 billion in carbon finance opportunities.”

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Grit Daily

“With Earthbanc, the community can monetize carbon payments through maintaining the forests which also provide habitat.”

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Copenhagen Fintech

“Global Impact Partnership Program - is scaling opportunities from the global partners – Citi and DBS Bank”

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The Future of Banking

Earthbanc has partnered with Swedbank Lithuania to deliver carbon & climate reporting for corporate and SMEs.”

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Business Insights

“We are excited to see that the Nordic FinTech startups selected for the program hold solutions to global challenges.”

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“The Sustainable Finance API data-driven approach, automatically generates sustainable loan opportunities.”

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“Svenska hållbarhets-startupen Earthbanc utsedd till vinnare av Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV" (Earthbanc wins FINITIV)

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Blended Finance Taskforce Earthbanc

"Earthbanc offers a Grow Bond and carbon portfolio achieved 6 percent return (2019) whilst sequestering two tonnes carbon for every $100 invested"

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Our Supporters

Jane Goodall, OBE

"I am delighted to add my support to Earthbanc."

Jane Goodall

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