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Invest in tree planting initiatives with a high yield earth saver account


Benefits for impact investors

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    Earn 6% as an investor in regenerative finance

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    Plant trees & reduce carbon emissions

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    Restore forest ecosystems & help indigenous communities


Benefits for indigenous communities

Earthbanc has developed partnerships with on-the-ground organizations in India and SE Asia representing millions of climate-vulnerable people.

Together, we are working to restore and regenerate this rich ecosystem of mangrove and adjacent food forests.

This partnership sequesters carbon and provides livelihood to hundreds of thousands of people, supporting those who are taking care of the planet.

Our satellite ‘eye-in-the-sky-guardians’ and instant carbon payments help transition all of us to a resilient and regenerative financial system.

Our projects


Finance for mangrove forest restoration enables communities to get out of poverty through carbon payments, whilst saving their homes and infrastructure from hurricane driven storm surges.


Reforestation activities will support impacted communities, with the goal of producing high value products such as renewable tree resins. Photo credit - Alan Channer.

"I am delighted to add my support to Earthbanc & EcoFriend in their quest to restore mangroves and cloud forests, conserve wildlife, develop regenerative agriculture and bring green investment to nurture these activities."


About Earthbanc

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    Simple Process

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    Central Bank Blockchain

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    Secure Systems

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    Climate Finance Decision Metrics

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    $100 Sequesters 2 Tonnes Carbon

The worlds first green digital bank* with a high yield earth finance account. Our earth finance product yielded 6% APR in 2019* to select professional investors.

If you're a professional investor interested in our Finance product, sign up below. If you are a professional investor & want to invest in Earthbanc alongside accelerators reach out via LinkedIn.

Venture backed by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT)

Earthbanc is venture backed by EIT Climate-KIC Nordic Accelerator. The European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT) co-architected Horizon 2020 ($100B) & EU Green New Deal (1 Trillion EUR). We are well positioned to enable climate finance at scale.

Our digital banking platform is part of a Central Bank Blockchain & Fintech Sandbox, to issue new digital financial products & achieve the Horizon2020 goals of preventing runaway climate change, and fulfill the UN Decade of Ecosystems Restoration goals.

Impact Screening Process

We screen all projects and assets to ensure impact is achieved with high quality offerings

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