Carbon removal + machine learning

The world's first platform that continously audits and reports on underlying carbon asset in tree planting and carbon credit projects






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How our carbon offsets are audited


Increase Accuracy

AI is 99.9% accurate.


Frequent Auditing

5x more frequent.


Transparent Impact

Data driven metrics.

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Trusted Verification


Permanence and ongoing proof of carbon additionality

Voluntary carbon markets will soon reach $100 billion in annual sales and significant sustainable finance is flowing into the sector, but performance metrics have been very imprecise till now. Baseline studies are very important when classifying the additionality of sustainable finance and carbon projects - at Earthbanc we accurately and precisely measure the baseline conditions of agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, reforestation and reduced deforestation projects as well as renewables, ensuring land clearing is accounted for. We also deliver ongoing monitoring of carbon reductions over time, to ensure that sustainable finance use of funds are delivering their targeted carbon reduction, in compliance with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) in the EU.

Earthbanc audits deforestation baselines for historical accuracy

Earthbanc measures and reports carbon in trees, vegetation and soil with our patent pending AI technology. Our ratings increase the quality of carbon data for carbon offset projects such as this Peru Amazon project. Developing accurate baselines and measuring carbon volume permanence, additionality or leakage quarterly or annually is very important for accuracy. Earthbanc delivers this breakthrough technology with every data driven carbon offset we sell to our customers and end users.

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Using AI satellite technology for carbon auditing

We are the first climate fintech company to partner with the European Space Agency for Satellite and Remote Sensing AI to drive carbon drawdown. Our AI interacts with satellite imagery and remote sensing data, delivering proof of carbon additionality or leakage.

We’ve developed our own carbon auditing technology that makes the process efficient and affordable so more people can participate in forest protection and regeneration, brining more transparency to nature based solutions carbon markets.


Our API-first carbon removal service delivers offsets into online applications and checkouts

Fintechs, banks and online businesses can access our carbon market via our API where we have Gold Standard, VCS, CDM and Earthbanc projects available. Access our global carbon market via API and create amazing user experiences with the highest quality carbon offsets that are regularly audited by Earthbanc.

We make carbon removal as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code. Create sustainable products with ease, enabling your customers to be climate positive with a single click. Get peace of mind for you and your customers, in regards to the accuracy of carbon claims.

Earthbanc Carbon Market API

We enhance verification with an extra layer of auditing

Data driven ESG metrics for carbon offsets - a world first bringing transparency and trust

We support small to large projects with an additional layer of quarterly or annual auditing on top of existing Gold Standard, VCS or CDM third party voluntary carbon verification. These existing verification protocols audit carbon offsets every 3-5 years on average compared to our quarterly or annual auditing and reporting. Earthbanc adds a vast list of environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics to our carbon offset reports. Our AI geotags and measures tree and soil carbon in every carbon offset project, making carbon markets more transparent, accurate and precise.

We help smallholders and large forests alike, to monetise their carbon nature-based solutions.

Did you know that carbon projects generally can’t verify or monetize carbon in trees and soil unless you have at least 1,500 - 8,000 acres size project? Earthbanc's patent pending AI measures and audits projects areas of forest and soil carbon as small as 200 m2.

That’s up to an 18,000-to-80,000-fold increase in project sizing efficiency - scaling up reforestation, and delivering social impact through improved sharing of carbon payment incentives.

Working with the best in Climate Action

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Join us

To get started with carbon offsets as a corporation or via our API, visit the contact page and send us a message.  If you are a small to medium size enterprise and want to offset your business and staff emissions, or if you're an individual wanting to offset your personal, household or family emissions - visit our carbon market checkout or sign up for an Earth Plus account and start building your offset portfolio!

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