AstraZeneca and Earthbanc Collaborate for Reforestation in India

🤝 AstraZeneca and Earthbanc Collaborate for Reforestation in India

🌍 In celebration of World Environment Day 2024, Earthbanc is proud to partner with AstraZeneca in a significant commitment to environmental sustainability. This collaboration centers on a large-scale reforestation project in India, as part of the global AZ Forest initiative.

🌱 Reviving Nature with Generation Restoration 🌱

The United Nations Environment Programme has called upon Generation Restoration to prioritize three key areas: 

👉🏽 Reviving lands 

👉🏽 Ending desertification

👉🏽 Securing water sources

These goals are crucial in combating climate change and biodiversity loss—challenges that directly impact human health and the environment.

🌿🌎 A Global Reforestation Effort 🌿🌎

AstraZeneca’s AZ Forest program aims to plant and maintain 🌳 200 million trees across six continents by 2030. This initiative involves natural forest restoration, regraded agricultural land restoration, and agroforestry. The program not only supports sustainable livelihoods but also enhances local climate resilience, biodiversity, and reduces the risk of natural disasters.

🌿🌎 Regeneration in Meghalaya and North East India 🌿🌎

In India, AztraZeneca, in collaboration with Earthbanc, Earthtree, and project partners aim to will plant up to 🌳 64 million trees and plants in India. This project emphasizes regenerative horticulture and agriculture, focusing on planting indigenous species to support sustainable food, fiber, and essential oil production. 

The initiative the largest in a network of Circular Bioeconomy Alliance’s (CBA) “Living Labs for Nature, People and Planet”, a series of initiatives that follow a framework for sustainable, resilient and locally appropriate landscape regeneration, co-developed by the European Forest Institute (EFI), the CBA and AstraZeneca

Earthbanc’s innovative data science and AI technology will facilitate the monitoring of AZ Forest India’s tree planting targets. This aligns with the UNCCD Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Global Mechanism, tracking biophysical indicators such as, soil organic carbon, land productivity, and land cover.

💧Water Stewardship Initiatives 💧

Protecting water sources is vital for a healthy environment. AstraZeneca’s water stewardship projects include restoring ponds and lakes, enhancing water storage and flood resilience. Initiatives like sponge parks and rainwater harvesting units further support water conservation and improve water quality.

Through these efforts, AstraZeneca and Earthbanc are making significant strides in environmental restoration, contributing to a healthier planet for current and future generations.

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